Supercharging Adults

 with ARF exercises for Water



ARF (Aimed Resistance Force) is the science that allows muscles to exert far harder than joints and spinal disks can tolerate during traditional exercise.  With this "Supercharging" effect, almost any adult can do high exertion ARF muscle and heart exercises painlessly.  Using Body Oars is not part of, or taught in this ARF exercise manual, but it is packed with the world's most powerful water exercises.

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This video from 2008 shows how to massively strengthen all the muscles around the knees, even if you have worn down knee joints








Body Oars



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How ARF exercises (Aimed Resistance Force)

overworks muscles yet bypasses joints/disks



No other exercise method can

work the core muscles deeper or harder than Body Oars,

as they bypass everything but the core running muscles. 

No other opposes the full range core running motions.

No other opposes both primary and opposing muscles.  

Body Oars do not stress joints so almost anyone benefits


Body Oars are the 'World's Greatest Exercise Device'

because nothing else comes even remotely close


Read what FireRescue Magazine  

   (from the Int'l Assoc of Fire Chiefs)

   had to say after their full Body Oars Test


    ARF - The world's most powerful exercises, by miles

Body Oars - The world's greatest workout device, by miles


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